Award Winners

The Award Winners spreadsheet tracks most of the Youth Media Awards from the American Library Association, as well as awards from any of the other journals I track and a few more. For a complete list of included awards, see below. Every now and then I add another tab depending on what interests me. A pink highlight indicates that I have  noted that book in my Goodreads account as having been read (it may or may not have a review depending on how behind I was at the time).

Each tab is organized slightly differently depending on what seemed to work best for that award.  If the Illustrator field for a book is left blank, there was either no illustrator listed or the author illustrated their own work. Some notes on specific pages:

  • For awards like the Coretta Scott King or Pura Belpré where there are both Author and Illustrator awards, these are noted with an (A) or an (I).
  • The Batchelder Award actually goes to the publisher. I had not originally collected this information so many thanks go to Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Chair of the 2019 Batchelder Award Committee for sharing the publisher data.
  • The Boston Globe-Horn Book Award has three categories every year. (P) for Picture Books, (F) for Fiction, and (NF) for Non-Fiction. They also occasionally choose a Special Citation (SC).
  • The National Book Award went through a period in the 80s where they had a bunch of categories. (HC) stands for Hardcover; (PB) for Paperback; (NF) for Non-Fiction; (I) for Book Illustration; (HC-F) for Hardcover Fiction; (PB-F) for Paperback Fiction;  (HC-PB) for Hardcover Picture Book, and (PB-PB) for Paperback Picture Book.
  • On the Bulletin Blue Ribbon tab: (P) stands for Picture Books, (F) stands for Fiction, (NF) stands for Non-Fiction, and (ER) stands for Easy Readers. The Bulletin doesn’t include all categories all years – occasional categories include Easy Readers, True Blue Series, Poetry, and Graphic Novels.
  • The Horn Book Fanfare tab is a work in progress.

Here’s the list of awards contained in the spreadsheet with links to the home pages for those awards.

I suspect there’s lots of people who keep track of these awards so that they can create reading lists and such. If you’ve always meant to do such a thing, but never have, you are welcome to create a copy of my spreadsheet and edit it to fit your personal needs.