One Reason I’m Behind….Jeopardy!

Greetings! Many of you reached out with very kind concerns and I want to say thank you so much for them. I’m still doing fine, but have had several things happen in my personal and work lives that have pulled me away from this blog. On the negative side, I was one of the unfortunate victims of unemployment fraud. Luckily, it was caught very early so mostly was just annoying and time consuming to deal with. On the positive side, I’m going to be on Jeopardy, Thursday, July 8! This was the experience of a lifetime and I’m so thrilled that I had the opportunity to do it. Tune in on July 8 to see how I did. You can look up where to watch in your area here:

I’ve finally caught up on entering 2020 journals for the Starred Reviews spreadsheet. That means the spreadsheet is up to date through January 2021 journals – so still pretty far behind, but much less so than before! The current plan for blog stuff is as follows:

  • Final blog post rounding up 2020 titles with 3 or more starred reviews.
  • Catching up on comments and contact us forms.
  • 2021 journals into the starred reviews spreadsheet starting with February.

Thank you once again to everyone who reached out to check on me! I hope you all are weathering these strange times as well as possible and that you’ve been able to read at least a little. I recently finished Firekeeper’s Daughter and wow, did I love that!

Happy reading and I hope to be back with more book related content soon!

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