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2021 Printz Possibilities through February Stars

Printz Update! For information about criteria please see the January Printz post or the official criteria straight from YALSA.

41 books published in 2020 have three starred reviews or more as of the end of February 2020 reviews. That’s 15 new titles to look at this month. 7 of those are picture books, poetry collections or novels with an audience that doesn’t fit the Printz age range. Adding that to last month’s 12 gives us 19 titles that aren’t mentioned here at all. Break down of those that are listed: 4 young adult novels, 3 young adult comics; 2 young adult non-fiction; 10 younger novel outliers and 3 other outliers.

Contenders are organized by format: Novels, Comics, Non-Fiction. There’s two outliers lists – one for younger novels and one for anything else (essay collections, short stories, younger comics, etc.). I’m still not including titles that end at age 12 for their review ranges (i.e ages 8-12 or Grades 3-6) unless I’ve heard Printz buzz about them.  Continue reading 2021 Printz Possibilities through February Stars

February 2020 Starred Reviews

With the Illinois stay at home order extended until April 30, I’ll be working from home for the rest of the month. Trying to adapt library services and programming to an entirely remote model is keeping me plenty busy and I am very grateful that I am able to stay home and remain employed. Keeping busy has helped my mental health so far and I’m struggling to focus on reading anything, so I’ll be continuing to update my spreadsheets and this blog in my off-work hours. I hope you are all able to find your own ways to cope with this changed world and wish you as much health and safety as possible.

Only 12 more stars for the 2019 list and they are all single stars. With the accumulation slowing down, I’ve cut the 2019 list from this post and going forward, but I am still including the 2019 tally for now. 15 new titles for the 2020 list though so lots to look for there although I know access is sparser than normal for most people.

February 2020 stars tally:

  • 1106 books published in 2019 have been awarded 1805 starred reviews as of the end of February.
  • 2019: 5 books have 6 starred reviews, 18 books have 5 starred reviews, 58 books have 4 starred reviews, 102 books have 3 starred reviews, 224 books have 2 starred reviews, 699 books have 1 starred review.
  • 336 books published in 2020 have been awarded 522 starred reviews as of the end of February.
  • 2020: 1 book with 6 starred reviews; 2 books with 5 starred reviews; 12 books with 4 starred reviews; 26 books with 3 starred reviews; 85 books with 2 starred reviews; 210 books with 1 starred review.

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