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2020 Printz Possibilities through May Stars

You’ll notice there’s no April Printz update – I just didn’t get to it and it seems irrelevant at this point. Honestly, this May post almost feels irrelevant, but so many books were added to the May starred reviews list that I think it will be easier for me to do this one than skip it and add more with the June reviews! For information about criteria please see my first Printz post for this year or check out the official Printz criteria page.

90 (38 new between April and May) books have three starred reviews or more as of the end of May 2019. 40 (19 new) of those are picture books, poetry collections or novels with an audience that doesn’t fit the Printz age range so aren’t mentioned here at all. 24 (10 new) are young adult novels, 2 (1 new) is a young adult comic; 5 (1 new) are young adult non-fiction; 13 (4 new) are younger novel outliers and 6 (3 new) are other outliers.

The organization paragraph that repeats each month: This year I’ve organized contenders by format: Novels, Comics, Non-Fiction. There’s two outliers lists – one for younger novels and one for anything else (essay collections, short stories, younger comics, etc.). I’m still not including titles that end at age 12 for their review ranges (i.e ages 8-12) unless I’ve heard Printz buzz about them. To see why I stick with three starred reviews despite this year’s winners not justifying that, see this old Someday My Printz post. Continue reading 2020 Printz Possibilities through May Stars

May 2019 Starred Reviews

May 2019 stars tally:

  • 606 books published in 2019 have been awarded 962 starred reviews as of the end of May. 2 books have 6 starred reviews, 5 books have 5 starred reviews, 30 books have 4 starred reviews, 53 books have 3 starred reviews, 130 books have 2 starred reviews, 386 books have 1 starred review.
  • No new books with 6 starred reviews; 1 book moves up to 5 starred reviews from  4 starred reviews; 3 books with 4 starred reviews are new and 8 books move up to 4 starred reviews from 3 starred reviews; 22 books have been added with 3 starred reviews

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