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September 2018 Starred Reviews

Sorry for the hiatus – I had a big project at work leading the team coordinating my library’s first STEAM Fair which led right into a vacation! I’m back though with the report of September starred reviews. Hopefully October won’t be too far behind.

September 2018 stars tally:

  • 1069 books published in 2018 have been awarded 1691 starred reviews as of the end of September.  2 books have 6 starred reviews; 19 books have 5 starred reviews, 38 books have 4 starred reviews, 105 books have 3 starred reviews, 212 books have 2 starred reviews, 693 books have 1 starred review.
  • 4 books moved up to the 5 stars list from the 3 and 4 star lists; 6 books have been added with 4 stars with 9 moving up from 3 stars; and 19 books have been added with 3 stars

If, unlike me, you’re super caught up or ahead on your reading, you may be interested to see our first starred reviews for a 2019 title. 2 stars (from Kirkus and SLJ) for Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee. If you’re still looking at 2018 titles, check out the lists of three starred reviews or more after the jump! Continue reading September 2018 Starred Reviews