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August 2017 Starred Reviews

With the return of Heavy Medal and Calling Caldecott it’s the official opening of Mock Awards season! For more mock awards fun be sure to check in with Guessing Geisel who have been going strong all summer and Someday My Printz Will Come once they return.

It’s also the opening of actual awards season with the announcement of the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature longlist this morning and don’t forget to watch for the Kirkus Prize shortlist to be announced Tuesday, September 26.

UPDATE: Thanks to readers Avan and Matt who pointed out online only starred reviews for The Black Witch (from Booklist) and Lexie the Word Wrangler (from Kirkus). I’ve added both to the three star list now and updated the numbers below.

In the process of looking into that, I also discovered an online only starred review from Kirkus for Stanley’s Numbers. There may be more starred online only reviews from Kirkus, but I haven’t yet found an easy way to search that, so it’s going to take me a while to sift through those on the Kirkus website. I was able to double check Booklist through their advanced search function, so I don’t think I’ve missed anymore from them.

Please – I encourage anyone who notices something missing to let me know! I definitely appreciate the help.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Kazia who pointed out that York: The Shadow Cipher was recorded with two different titles with two stars each (York and The Shadow Cipher) so actually has four stars!

UPDATE #3: Whelp, I’m on fire this month, friends! Thanks to Jennifer Schultz who pointed out that I cited When’s My Birthday? in one instance as What’s My Birthday? – a book that, to my knowledge, does not exist. That moved When’s My Birthday? up to the four stars list. Numbers and citations are updated below.

August 2017 stars tally:

  • 917 books published in 2017 have been awarded 1531 starred reviews as of the end of August.
  • 2 books have 6 starred reviews, 17 books have 5 starred reviews, 44 books have 4 starred reviews, 98 books have 3 starred reviews, 208 books have 2 starred reviews, 548 books have 1 starred review.

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